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“Upon returning to Toronto every few months following our move to London, UK in 2001, we noticed there was a general fraying of the social fabric that defined the city of Toronto. This was punctuated by the surge in violent crime - particularly gun related homicides. Because a disproportionate amount of this surge was attributed to youth, we set about to create a foundation that raised funds and awareness for programs that served youth education and development initiatives, with a focus on at-risk communities. Our overriding belief is that the best way to combat crime over the medium term is to give youth a positive vision of the potential of their own future, and education is one of the key components.” Glenn Hadden

The annual fundraising event organized by the Foundation is a Grey Cup Party held each year in Toronto.

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In 2014, given the success of Feeding Hungry Minds and our new Beyond 3:30 programs, we continued to add to this community service. Our Grey Cup party was again held at The 5th Social Club to watch a rematch of the 1999 Grey Cup where this time Calgary beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. We were again joined joined by former CFL Most Outstanding Player and Toronto Argonauts captain Chad Owens and his family. Another successful event, our foundation made a donation to our partners within the Toronto District School Board of $150,000.  

Our beneficiaries again were Feeding Hungry Minds, and after-school program Beyond 3:30. Feeding Hungry Minds was expanded to 6 new schools located in at-risk communities in Toronto and will continue into 2016, which adds to our existing support of 41 schools. Our support of the Beyond 3:30 program was doubled to 6 schools and will continue to provide vital services to several hundred students every day at each school – giving them a safe place to go after school where they can eat a snack, do homework and engage in fitness activities in a teacher supervised environment. We happily share the news of program successes of Beyond 3:30 and our third cohort of Feeding Hungry Minds via the link below. 

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In 2013 , given the success of Feeding Hungry Minds, we continued to add to this program. Our Grey Cup party was moved back to The 5th Social Club to watch a rematch of the 1989 Grey Cup where Saskatchewan again beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. We were joined by the CFL's reigning Most Outstanding Player Chad Owens as well again as Argos Matt Black and Jeff Johnson. As a special surprise there were also 3 football Hall of Fame members in the audience, Canadian greats Michael Pinball Clemons and Damon Allen as well as NFL and NCAA great Marcus Allen. This was truly an amazing experience to have 3 of footballs greatest players joining our event and supporting Toronto's students.

Our beneficiaries were Feeding Hungry Minds, and a new after-school partnership program with the Toronto District School Board called Beyond 3:30. Feeding Hungry Minds was expanded to 3 new schools located in at-risk communities in Toronto and will continue into 2016, which adds to our existing support of 35 schools. This represents an additional 1000 breakfasts served per day! Further, the Beyond 3:30 program will provide vital services to several hundred students every day – giving them a safe place to go after school where they can eat a snack, do homework and engage in fitness activities in a teacher supervised environment. We look forward to reporting back the success of Beyond 3:30 and our second cohort of Feeding Hungry Minds in 2014. 

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2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup where the game was played in Toronto featuring the hometown Argos emerging victorious over Western Division Champions, the Calgary Stampeders. Because of the specialness of this event as a truly unique milestone in Canadian sports and cultural history, and the fact that we were able to hold our annual Grey Cup party on the field at Rogers Centre, the Hadden Family Foundation wanted to make an extra special effort to recognize the symbolic importance of this game and truly leave a lasting impact on Toronto. As a result, we again partnered with the Toronto District School Board and it's charitable arm the Toronto Foundation for Student Success and created a new program focused on scholastic nutrition called Feeding Hungry Minds.

The Hadden Family Foundation strongly believes that good nutrition is a critical ingredient to a successful education. Numerous studies have shown that adequately nourished students demonstrate significantly improved overall performance in the classroom. Proper levels of nutrition have been particularly linked to improved grades in the important areas of math and science, lower levels of truancy and fewer reported issues of student misbehaviour.

Feeding Hungry Minds was created to provide a nutritious breakfast or snack to approximately 40 schools located in at-risk communities across Toronto, which will continue through 2015, at which point we hope these programs become self-sustainable. This translates into over 12,000 breakfasts served per day, which is over 2 million breakfasts per year! Again, our main goal was to create an improved quality of life for all citizens of our community, as we hoped Feeding Hungry Minds would not just be of benefit directly to the students it serves but also become part of the culture of the schools it assists and part of the social fabric of the communities where it operates.

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2011 marked the 10th anniversary milestone of our foundation and our Grey Cup party was celebrated at The 5th Social Club. We were joined by CFL Hall of Fame quarterback Damon Allen as well as current Argos Safety Matt Black and former Toronto Raptor great Jerome JYD Williams, to watch the BC Lions win at home over Winnipeg in a rematch of the 1990 Grey Cup. This event marked the culmination of 3 years of support of financial literacy via our Banking on Knowledge program, as this aspect of education was recently assumed by the government as per Canadian Minister of Finance Flaherty's Task Force on Financial Literacy in his 2009 budget. We are very proud that BoK was able to bridge the several year gap between the period shortly after the Financial Crisis and the implementation of Finance Minister Flaherty's directive in helping students in Toronto and their families better understand the details of personal finance.

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In 2010 our Grey Cup party remained at The 5th Social Club and saw a very exciting game with Montreal beating Saskatchewan 21-18, in the first ever Grey Cup meeting of these storied teams. Banking on Knowledge was our beneficiary again and it's reach nearly doubled. In 2010 BoK taught financial literacy at 110 schools across Toronto, touching 8000 students. Students in the Banking on Knowledge program learned curriculum under the following four criteria:
1. Savings: the virtues of saving plus the basics of banking such as interest, bank accounts and GIC's/CD's
2. Credit: its uses and its perils including education relating to mortgages, credit cards and car leases
3. Financial Products and Investing: an overview of common financial products such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds plus lessons on how to avoid fraud and get-rich-quick schemes
4. Personal Finance: education relating to managing personal finances including creating a personal budget, reading and understanding bank/investment statements and planning for life goals such as buying a home, starting a business or retiring

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In 2009 we moved our Grey Cup party to The 5th Social Club and we raised support for the creation of a new project designed to promote financial literacy in Toronto's schools called Banking on Knowledge. Our resolve was that the current generation of students would be able to learn from the mistakes made over the pre-Financial Crisis years so that The Great Recession / Housing Bubble / Credit Bubble would never be repeated. Banking on Knowledge debuted in 63 schools across Toronto and taught financial literacy curriculum to 3500 students.

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2008 We continue to remain close to all 8 of our 2007 schools and receive frequent running reports as well as comprehensive annual reports on their progress to ensure that your 'investments' in both our country and our foundation's judgment remain fruitful.

We are pleased with the early success of our initiative to create new breakfast programs in at-risk communities both locally and nationally, we recognize that youth in these communities continue to face significant challenges in their development. Our foundation strongly believes that education and mentorship are key determinants to the long term success of individuals and communities as a whole. It is with this thought that we would like to announce the beneficiary of our 2008 Grey Cup party. We proudly announce that we have selected the newly nationally chartered Pathways to Education program. Youth education and development driven through supporting grassroots programs in underserved and at-risk communities is our foundation's mission statement, and the spectacular results of the Pathways program are a perfect fit. To illustrate:

*in the case of Regent Park in Toronto - Pathway's flagship program - the highschool  dropout rate has been reduced from 56% to 10%
*Pathways has increased the college/ university enrollment of their participating highschool graduates from 20% to 80%
*90% of these students were the first in their families to attend post-secondary institutions

The funds generated from your kind support will allow the successful Pathways to Education model to make a difference not only in at-risk communities in Toronto such as Regent Park and Rexdale, but in communities across Canada as well. In fact since Pathways was last our beneficiary in 2005 they have been mandated by both federal and provincial governments to expand their program nationally. With your generous assistance we can aid their goal of being operational in 40 communities across Canada serving 20,000 students.

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2007 BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING is a national program that has helped to create and oversee 5,500 breakfast programs across Canada. We have again enlisted them in this joint-venture for their expertise in both helping to build and most importantly helping to oversee the operation of these individual clubs.
We realize that poor nutritional habits leading to below potential academic results, truancy and behavioral problems are challenges that face at-risk youth across Canada.It is with this thought that we announced the beneficiary of our 2007 Grey Cup fundraiser, which was held in the End Zone at the Rogers Center. Since the Grey Cup is a national event and that it was being played in Toronto, we felt it was appropriate to have a national focus that year. Hence we proudly announced that we had established another joint venture with the BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING organization to create, fund and oversee eight new school breakfast programs across Canada. These eight schools are located in one of each of the eight CFL cities (Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver) and will be funded through the end of school 2011. Our initial goal was be to feed 1000 students nationwide, and growing to over 2000 by the end of the decade. . Our foundation and BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING have identified candidate schools who will benefit most significantly from your support. These programs will commence on January 1, 2008 and through your support will be funded through to 2010.
VANCOUVER - Edmonds Community School, Burnaby BC is in one of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Burnaby. Burnaby receives over 30% of all government assisted refugees arriving in British Columbia. The majority of these refugees find housing in southeast Burnaby and their children attend Edmonds Community School.
CALGARY - Vista Heights Elementary School, Calgary AB. Among people renting their homes in Vista Heights, a third spent more than 30% of their income on shelter. This means that almost one in three families is at risk of homelessness. There are currently three subsidized housing complexes in this community. A new subsidized apartment building is being built across the street from Vista Elementary School. It is due to open in early 2008 and will provide an additional 41 homes for low-income families. Children from these families will undoubtedly attend Vista School, and benefit from its food programs. There is little commercial development in this area and there is no grocery store in the vicinity.
EDMONTON - St. Hilda Junior High School, Edmonton AB is located on the North End of Millwoods. This school has a student population consisting primarily of New Canadians who have moved into the area due to subsidies with living accommodations. "Many of our students arrive to school without eating breakfast. Part of this problem is related to poor income and the other poor education in the home of healthy food choices," Diane Brophy, Assistant Principal, St. Hilda Junior High School.
REGINA - Herchmer Community School, Regina SK is an intercity public elementary school. There are many significant issues within this North Central community that directly impact the students: Poverty, Insufficient Diet/Nutrition, Crime, Drugs/Alcohol Addiction, Inadequate Housing, Gang Activity, Prostitution, Domestic Violence, etc.
WINNIPEG - Heritage Elementary School, Winnipeg MB is a kindergarten to grade 5 school. This school contains students in foster care, several families who are refugees from Sudan, families escaping violence from northern first nations reserves, and many students whose families are living in poverty. Heritage is labeled in at risk school by MANITOBA EDUCATION FOR CITIZENS IN YOUTH.
HAMILTON - Robert Land Breakfast Club, Hamilton ON serves the community population of 5,000 and is located in a very industrial part of Hamilton's North end. 20% of the population are newcomers to Canada and don't speak English and another 5% are First Nations.
TORONTO - St. Margaret's Public School, Scarborough ON is located in the at risk community of Lawrence and Galloway in East Scarborough. 98% of students live in apartments, many of which are Ontario subsidized housing. The student body represents 28 countries. In 2006, St. Margaret's experienced 3 lock downs.
MONTREAL - Ecole Marie Rollet, Montreal QC Our foundation will partner with CLUB DU PETIT DEJEUNER. This school is quoted 10 on the low income revenue rating by the provincial government, 10 being the lowest. Ecole Marie Rollet is located in the highly multicultural neighborhood Jean-Talon in Montreal. 
These breakfast clubs will be targeted for Kindergarten to Grade 6 schools and will be available to all students, where we estimate will serve approximately 100 students daily. Furthermore, our goal is to ensure funding for these schools for a minimum of 3 years to ensure their efforts accrue to program excellence for the kids and not to fundraising initiatives.

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While we are pleased with the success of programs such as Pathways and The Toronto Kiwanis Boys and Girls Clubs, we realize that youth in neighbourhoods all across Toronto also face challenges similar to those in Regent Park.
It is with this in mind that we announced the beneficiary of our 2006 Grey Cup party. We created a joint venture with the national BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING organization to create, fund and oversee five children’s breakfast programs in Toronto. The BFL people have worked diligently to select schools that fall under our foundation's strict criteria of being located in 'at-risk communities', that have expressed a desire to open a program but lack funding, and have mobilized school staff and parents to create an infrastructure able to support such a large undertaking. BFL is a national program that has helped to create and oversee many breakfast programs across Canada. We have enlisted them in this joint-venture for their expertise in both helping to build and most importantly helping to oversee the operation of these individual clubs. Their 'best practices' framework provides program directors with assistance and advice on everything from nutrition to the generating of community support (fundraising and volunteers).
The five Toronto schools in at-risk communities chosen for the program were:
Sir Robert Borden High School in east Scarborough,
St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in Jane and Finch,
Sir Sandford Fleming Academy in Lawrence Heights,
West Toronto Collegiate in Parkdale
Don Mills Collegiate in Flemingdon Park

Our partnership has created a comprehensive three year plan for these schools and performances of these new programs have matched our high expectations. Each school has averaged feeding almost 100 students per day, with our goal being over 200 students daily by 2010. Following surveys of teachers at these schools, there was a unanimous strong agreement that these breakfast programs have reduced disruptive behavior and increased positive socialization amongst participating students, and that overall school atmosphere has been improved as a result of these programs efforts (for example, West Toronto has reported a 70% drop in school suspensions from 2006 to 2007, a point Toronto Mayor Miller noticed resulting in a personal appearance to congratulate the students). Further, all schools agree or strongly agree that academic performance has improved, attention spans are longer and that student attendance is higher.
Our Foundation and BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING continue to remain close to all five schools and receive frequent running reports as well as comprehensive annual reports on their progress to ensure that your 'investments' in both our city and our foundation's judgment remain fruitful.

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Gretzky’ restaurant was again the site of the 2005 annual Foundation Grey Cup fundraiser. Our beneficiary that year was the Summer Camp Project for the Regent Park and Parkdale-based TORONTO KIWANIS BOYS AND GIRLS CLUBS. As an added bonus, the TORONTO ARGONAUTS made our event THEIR official team Grey Cup party. As a result a portion of funds raised supported the Argonauts STOP THE VIOLENCE campaign. The Boys and Girls Clubs summer camp program offers essential services in the city core to over 700 children. Specifically, they offer children not only a safe and structured environment - away from the lure of drugs and gangs - but also conduct programs focused on a child's individual development (including physical, social and emotional development).
The maximum of 110 children per week attended the program, and most significantly, due to your generous support EVERY CHILD NEEDING A SUBSIDY IN ORDER TO ATTEND WAS GRANTED ONE. In fact subsidies requested and granted were 10 times the amount of 2004!!! This success is poised to continue due to the fact the 2005 Grey Cup party was so successful, that your contributions allowed for a 10 YEAR GIFT - helping to ensure every child in Regent Park and Parkdale will have the opportunity to attend summer camp for the next decade.
We continue to remain close to both of these organizations to ensure that your 'investments' in both our community and our foundation's judgment remain fruitful.

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In 2003 and 2004 the fundraisers were again held at Gretzky’s restaurant and the beneficiary remained PATHWAYS TO EDUCATION.
Pathways to Education continue to provide mentoring, tutoring, financial support - both in the form of TTC bus tickets and the establishment of a trust to hold $1000 per student, per year to be used for post-secondary school tuition.

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The first Foundation fundraiser was held in 2002 at Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant in Toronto. The beneficiary was PATHWAYS TO EDUCATION whose mission is to ensure that young people from at-risk and/or economically disadvantaged communities achieve their full potential by getting to school, staying in school, graduating and moving on to post-secondary programs.
PATHWAYS TO EDUCATION, a group run by the REGENT PARK COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE, have taken upon themselves to increase the secondary school graduation rates of Regent Park youth, which currently run at less than half of the city average. Challenges to Regent Park students are formidable, but thanks to your help, are not insurmountable. Some of the many difficulties they face are: there is no highschool in Regent Park area. Consequently students must find their own way to one of 21 other schools in the city. Compounding this problem is that bus fare runs $2.00 per day and average household income is only $14,000 - which meant that a good number of students are forced to walk many miles.....making attendance that much more of a problem. The dropout rate of these students was twice the city average.

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